Itamar Borochov – Feature Article at The Tower Magazine

“In making Outset, Borochov consciously kept the recording process old-school. Today, recording often takes place with musicians playing at different times, wearing headphones and tucked away behind screens, a process that allows mistakes to be edited out and produces a relatively clean sound. Borochov, however, isn’t afraid of rough edges… Itamar wanted his quartet to record with the same immediacy as their gigs and rehearsals. They play their music from start to finish in one room in one take, with the members of the group seeing each other’s faces and responding in the moment. For Borochov, that’s the way jazz is supposed to be made.”
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Upcoming Shows
Date Time Venue City Country
Sat 12 Sep 9:00pm House Of Poles (Bet HaAmudim) Itamar Borochov in Tel Aviv Israel
Address: Rambam 14 (Nahalat Binyamin).
Sun 20 Sep 8:00pm Piyut Festival Itamar Borochov in Jerusalem Israel
Wed 11 Nov 10:15pm Panic Jazz Club Itamar Borochov in Marostica Italy
Box office: +39 0424 72707. Address: Piazza Castello 42. Venue phone: +39 0424 72707. Buy Tickets
Thu 12 Nov 9:00pm Padova Jazz Club Itamar Borochov in Correzzola, PD Italy
Box office: +39 (348) 245-1700. Address: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 9. Venue phone: +39 (348) 245-1700. Buy Tickets
Sat 14 Nov 7:30pm Le Duc des Lombards Itamar Borochov in Paris France
Address: Address: 42 Rue des Lombards, 75001 Paris, France. Venue phone: +33 1 42 33 22 88.

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